Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Wishes Meme

So if you guys haven't heard of this blogger meme yet and wanna check out more people who did it I'll leave a link below. And another thing before I begin... This meme is a little complicated so here's a quick explanation!

On SL you know we all know that we have somethings we could change/add to our SL viewer and in our SL lives. Say we could make these wishes become true? Well this meme is all about if you could change these things. What are your three wishes?

Okay, let's get on to my wishes!

         1. I wish I could be more talented/creative with my Second Life - I think every SL blogger wants to design sculpts, or create their own clothing line. Sometimes when I want to wear something that I can't find on sl I wish I could just create it myself. Before I got into blogging I wanted to create a girly shoe, dress, blouse, leggings, and pants store, called Petite Fleur. That dream went down the toilet, pretty quickly, after I figured out I can't make mesh clothes! So I just wish I could be creative and talented like a lot of the people you find on here.

      2. I wish I could meet more people... - If you guys didn't know, I'm really, like REALLY, shy, and I don't get out much. Technically what I do on here is work. And I want to get out more but I want to find people who are like me and aren't the perverts that attempt to pick you up in a club! But I've found, outside of my job, that the women of sl are hard to find >.< Sometimes I think I'm the only woman on here. A side from that I think it would be nice to meet more people!

     3.  I wish my viewer wasn't so SLOOOOOWWWWWWW - I lag a ton, and all in all my my viewer is a piece of SHIT! I couldn't get it to work the other day because it was always crashing! So I think that pretty much explains everything.

That's just a picture I thought was pretty so I added it in ^^

Shirt ~ Strawberry Jam {NEW} ~ Find Here


Love. Hugs. Kisses. Peace!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden Tea Party

I love spring, and summer, and the celebrations that goes along with these seasons! What I love most is when you get together all your girlfriends and throw a gorgeous garden party... I designed an outfit after one of these parties and decided to share it with you!

I did some more work with photo editing and want to focus on the picture to the left:
This picture is one of, or is, the best editing jobs I've done! You guys can find all the poses and beautiful clothing, hair, ring, shoes, and skin here:

Hair ~ Magicka - Tomorrow - Find Here
Ring ~ Poptarts ~ Ringy Pop Gatcha {NEW} ~ Find Here
Skin, Shape, and Hands ~ The Sugar Garden ~ Meimei in Xiaxue Tone ~ Find Here
Eyelashes ~ Candy Mountain ~ .Falsies. (Dolly) ~ Find Here
Dress ~ LavandaChic ~ Flower Summer Dress {FOR ACIDLILY GALLERY} ~ Find Here
Shoes ~ MEOW ~ Floral Flats {Rare} ~ (The shop is still under construction)

If you make it down to the acid lily event it is only through June 2! Gogogogo!

Love you guys as always! And I'm sorry for the hiatus or less posting that's going on! As I said in the post before I need a little time to prepare for summer!


Love ya, kisses, buh bye!


The location this was taken at was "The Pixel Pot

Another Hiatus -_-'


Another day...

So if you guys don't know schools almost out, my computer is sucky, and I am TIRED...
I just got by final testing and I had my last class some time last week, now I just have to start packing up the dorm, and doing other stuff that I don't want to do! So I am gonna post some stuff soon... I just need a little time to get stuff together!

I hope that this week I can get some stuff out (I even have a crap ton of outfits prepared). Yeah!

Talk soon



I will probably be changing up my display name sometime soon... Any suggestions?

Monday, May 20, 2013


So this weekend, hopefully, you'll see some posts! As you know my power cord is gone, so right now I have a bad replacement, and the new power cord is coming either tomorrow or the twenty second! I love you guys, and want to make sure my posts are quality and help you guys find some awesome designers on sl! I want to let you guys know about a skin company called tgs, and hopefully we'll have some of their adorable skins out! Love ya guys! 


パーカー  >.< 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


My power cord for my computer split! So now I have a few minutes left on here and have no time to continue sending out more blog posts! I'll start posting as soon as I get a new powercord!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Office Cutie

Second post for today! This one is called the office cutie, can you guess why? Let's take a look, shall we?

Here it is!

Hair ~ [Due] - Yuki 01 - Dark Brown 2 (this is part of the Chapter Four event)
Dress ~ LavandaChic - Acid Lily

Summer Time Lovin'

Yay!! Welcome back to me! Over this week I had a course strictly about horror, we got to watch all the new, and old horror movies, so now I'm all happy! Okay, today I want to start off by saying... IT'S FUCKING MAY!!! WOOT WOOT! So I decided it was time to get on with the summer looks and pulled this together:

I wanna just comment on how amazingly beautiful and editing job this is compared to my other photos. This is a simple and cute outfit, most of which you can find easily! And the dress is a new release from one of the awesomest clothing stores in sl EVER! You should check them out :D

Style Card:

Hair ~ .ploom. - Kayla (Candy color pack)
Dress ~ Pretty Liar - Blocked Maxi Dress (This is for 100block, I'll get a landmark out soon)

>^ - ^< meow! I hope you like the outfit! Go out and try it! The 100block event is gonna be so much fun so I can't wait to get you guys some landmarks to it when it opens up! Love ya!