Sunday, April 28, 2013

What to Come


Next weekend, I want you guys to know that there will be a TON of new posts! I have a lot of new outfits thanks to my new sponsors, and they're so cute I couldn't help but take this chance to blog it out. I believe over the summer you'll see a lot more of me, and then over the next couple of weeks you'll be seeing a mix of not here/here. I'm wrapping things up at my sl teaching job (the schools closing), and I'm just getting started with my new waitress gig (which is awesome)! It's been busy lately, but I went by the kawaii fair, got some new cute dresses, and I'm looking for new cute shoes. Any suggestions as to clothes and shoes can be sent my way! (Don't forget I have a fan mail form!)

I hope you guys are likin' me steppin' up with swag, and style. I'll blog soon with cute new styles! Oh! Last thing... I'm working on a new sponsors page, so if anyone who is sponsoring me sees this, can you PLEASE send me your logo in .jpg? If you can't let me know so I can just write your name and put a link next to it.

Okay that's all for now



Too Mainstream

I'm kind of a hipster so I decided a hipster look would best fit me. I did some research in my own closet and the lovely, lovely google, and came to this:

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills
Glasses ~ Mon Tissu
Sweater ~ PopTarts
Pants ~ PopTarts
Shoes ~ The Wash
Pose ~ Starry Heaven~ Atushi
What do ya think?

Rainy Day

When it's a rainy day and I'm stuck in my house with a closet and computer, you know what I'm gonna do... Create some styllllleeeezzzzz. Okay on with le photo:
Hair - Wasabi Pills
Shirt - =Krautive=
Jeans - E'ire
Lipgloss - Eyelure (Pink Icing #4)
Clutch - Mon Tissu (This is a group gift)
Skin - cStar (comes with eye make-up)
Pose - Starry Haven
Okay kiss, kiss my darlings!


I Took a Walk

So today I wanted to base my style card after a song. Therefor this post is based on Passion Pits- I Took   a Walk. So here is the photo:

Right now I'm working on getting a better photo editor, but that may have to wait. What goes into this you ask?

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/

Dress ~ Eyelure

Shoes ~ Patula's Ribbon Heels

Bag ~ Mon Tissu Soiree

Pose ~ Starry Heaven Poses




Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shrunk Down

I've been waiting a long time to get around to this post but I've been caught up with sl, rl, and just everything has been going into place or falling apart lately. Since it's the end of the year, in rl I have to wrap up my classes but I also have to start writing a summer research paper... YAY! (That was sarcasm). But anyways, I wanna get out there more with new styles so I became a petite for a day! I have to say, this is one of the cutest things ever!

This picture took a long time to edit! I had to go back in and add tons of stuff xD But it turned out pretty awesome! Here are the links to the look:

Shape: Lutricia Roux 
Wings: Misty Fae Wings
Pose: Starry Heaven ~ Kyoko

I love the quote about Tinkerbell on the side! It was adorable and perfect with the look! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I did!




Today, I want to add a question that you can answer down in the comments:

What constellation would you rather be: Orion, or Scorpion?

Okay now I'm seriously gonna get going! Buh, bye!

Friday, April 26, 2013

This Weekend....


Over the weekend I plan to crank out some awesome outfits! I have been looking at finding locations for photography, and changing my blog look, along with getting some new outfits. I've been thinking about adding a sponsors link to the side, which will hopefully grow overtime. Right now (even after getting a new router) my internet is being super crappy, this isn't good for Parker. So I've been fixing my internet nonstop to get second life loaded, getting documents emailed, and working on my blog. Let's hope sometime soon the internet starts working normally. Until then I love you guys and can't wait to get some more sponsors, blossom into photography, and work hard on blogging!



Friday, April 19, 2013

Memories Blogger Challenge

So, I want to start another "Blogger's Challenge". Do you guys remember those times when you felt so happy you wanted to burst with joy? And now every time you think of that, you instantly begin to fill with that same pure joy? Well I want you **points like uncle Sam** to take photos of "memories" and put stories behind them! It can be anything from taking a picture as a kid avi, with your mom or dad when they were younger, to meeting your first boyfriend, or your now husband! This challenge will be going on from the rest of April - June 3rd. I want you to have fun with this! Live like you've never lived before! This is the flickr group:

I hope you guys liked my last post! Well...

Bon nuit my Macaroon's!



Hey! Hey! Hey! It's Fat Dawson!

Hey Guys!

I want to start with... I'm changing my blog name! So if you're like, "Why is Parkers blog missing, or changed?" No need to worry! Jus changing the name to Lemon Tea and Macaroons! But moving on... While I was cleaning up and rearranging stuff in my apt. I found an old picture of me from my senior year in sl high school! I was a total nerd! But I think that being that way has made me the better person I am today. Here it is:

I was actually kinda cute xD 

I can't wait to find more of these back there! I remember Jesse, he was gorgeous!!!!! I should contact him later. I hope you guys are getting a good start to your weekend, cause mine is an awesome start!

Love ya, Mon Petite Macaroon's!


Sunday, April 14, 2013


So guys, I'm having internet, sl, and just rl problems, so you probably won't see me post for a little while. I plan on doing two posts: An Amazing Petite Avi, and A Simple Outfit. I am just going through the daily motions, I know, it sucks! Today I am running on some Pocari Sweat and 1 Coffee! I don't think I'm gonna make it much longer. I just want to let you know, I love you guys and feel terrible for letting you down with blogging. I try bro's, I try. You'll be seeing a lot more of me during the summer and then it is back to long hours of no sl or just blogging! I will talk to you soon and hope you know I'm still thinking about you. While you're waiting here are some pictures of me:

I like how over time you can really see how much my photo editing has improved ^ - ^

Well alonzy!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Rez Day to Me!

Hey Guys,

Today is my rez day! Yayyyy! One year old! This year has gone by so fast, and some bad and good things happened! I hope you guys are looking forward to many blog posts this weekend! I have some real life stuff, but it isn't so big a deal that I would miss blogging, I'll be gone Saturday night and Sunday morning! I have a strict schedule!

Anyways I will get a blog post to you guys soon!



Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surf, Sun, and Fashion Fun

So I have never been sl surfing, and it looks really freaking awesome! So I went and got some sunshine, probably good for my skin tone! Here is me hanging on the board:

Cute, right? I can't believe how much fun surfing is! If you want to check it out you can type "surfing beach" in search and you'll get tons o' beaches! Well this is probably my last post for the day. I promise you'll see more posts cause I'm feelin' a heck of a lot better! 

Goodbye my Fuzzy Peaches!



Doll Innocence Look

I promised I would crank something out today, right? Well here it is, a cute, quick, kind of cheap look! I call it doll innocence because it reminds me of like a rag doll or just any doll in general! Here you go:

I personally find this look cute and creepy at the same time! And look... NEW HAIR! Okay let's get on to what is in this look:

Hair: Truth ~ Lavinia

Dress: Tea Dress ~ Bipolar Pack ~ Find Here

Shoes: MDL ~ Cat Flats ! Find Here

Poses: Starry Heaven ~ Tsubasa ~ Find Here

I hope you enjoyed this look because I sure do! And I have a quick story to tell:

Yesterday I thought I was getting a petite avatar and I spent like almost all of my linden on a stupid avatar that I don't need and isn't a petite! God! Sometimes sl is my friend other times not

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Become a Sponsor!

I finally created a form for those of you who read my blog and are looking for reviewers I will probably have a page up soon, but for now here's the link:

I hope you really will go check it out and become a sponsor! ^ - ^ Right now I am sleep deprived hot, and cold, and in need of some oatmeal! I'll try to get out at least one fashion blog post today and if not, I promise I will get to you on Sunday with some stuff! Well goodbye my Schlonpoofa's!



Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry For the Hiatus!

So lately I know what's been up with my life but you guys don't and are probably like, "Where the %^&$ is Parker!?!?!?" have no fear! I was recently caught with a stomach bug where I was puking every 10 minutes and had the chills and all that! And on top of that I had to go to rl school and work! BOO! So I might go on a little more of a leave until I'm feeling a-okay, or peachy keen! Rihg now as you can tell I am not peachy keen and need more rest ,o do more work/school stuff and take a quick puke break from writing!

Info On My Illness:

I got it about late Saturday, maybe early Sunday...

I haven't gone to the doctor yet

I'm not contagious! ( WOOT WOOT ^ - ^)

I'm gonna puke real quick then probably dose off or play some sl.