Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Poster Challenge


How's it going? I'm doing really well, because last night I made a movie poster! This is another blogger challenge by Strawberry Singh... I really like her memes/challenges because they're always interesting and fun! Well here is my poster (I tried and failed xD):

I hope you guys liked this little poster, I did it on kind of a whim... But I think it didn't turn out terrible :P 

Hair ~ Taketomi
Dress ~ VG (MP)
Shoes ~ Yaseline (MP)
Pose ~ aDORKable - March Round @The Arcade

(I'm not gonna put in links jusssttt yet) 

Okay, bye bye!

Amai <3

Saturday, June 22, 2013



What's up my munchkins :)

Today I was feeling serene, sad, and pretty too. In the end I did a "kind-of-nude" shot, and thought that this turned out wonderfully beautiful! Here it is:
I don't know if using Bokeh was the best idea... but I think this picture is beautiful!

~What I'm Wearing~

Hair ~ Truth - Candy Light Blonde (04)
Hands ~ Slink - Mesh Hands (Casual)
Eyelids ~ Slink ~ Mesh Lids and Lashes
Skirt ~ Milk Motion @TDR - Transparent Long Skirt (blue)
Feet, Skin, & Appliers ~ .tsg. - Meimei in xiaxue
Pose ~ Custom made by Emirun Resident
Nails ~ Starry Heaven/Emirun Resident

Hope you guys liked the photo :) More will be coming soon!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Having Too Much Fun with an Emoter

So today I finally got the pose I needed for the shoot I wanna do (woot woot), so I was trying to find the perfect emotion for the pose with an emoter I got... These are the results:
I'm dying of laughter right now! I'll see you guys soon with 2 new posts that are awesome, and hopefully I can fix my face!

Love Ya


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good Morning!

Gooooooddd morning my lovely, lovely, lovely readers :) I know I already did a post about taking a little time off from blogging to do some stuff, but now I really need a while!! I just found out that my screen has broken away from my actual computer, and it's literally hanging by a thread (or more like a cord) so I think I need to take my laptop down to a repair shop so we can fix my little issue... I think part of the reason my computer is almost to the point of crumbling to its death, is because it over heats a LOT (which made the battery inflate) and I don't know how it caused my poor little screen to fall off :( Anywayyyyysss... I'll be taking some time off to get this fixed.

Another piece of news (that's good), is that I got my photography business started! It's called Click.Snap.Cheese photography, and if anyone who reads my blog want me to do a profile pic, or a family photo, let me know. I do something called rawshot photography, which is a little different, because it uses very little editing... But it's still cool and fun! If you want your picture done between July 1- July 10 it's half off per picture :) And if you guys click on the photography tab, that's where I'll put all the sales and updates!!!

I love you guys, and hopefully my computer will get fixed in the next week or so, if not... I'll see you later Honeybunches of Oats :P



Thank you Fable for doing my label!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weird Questions Meme

Hello my readers! It is a lovely Tuesday Evening and I'm pumped to do this meme:

  1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) The Pixel Pot
  2. Does your avatar look like the real you? Kind of and kind of not... I'm not blond, nor am I milky skin toned, but she dresses like me :)
  3. Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? No, I once had a pair of 'Lucky Panties' that I wore just because they had apples on them >.<
  4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? Everything site! I'm a total shopaholic so when I see something it wants me to pull out my wallet and buy it... This is why I often end up broke in SL... But mostly what I would buy is stuff I don't actually need, so it's pointless to become a homeless person because I bought a balloon pump.
  5. Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before? It has never happened to me really, or at least I don't remember buying doubles.
  6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? Nooopppee I don't know what you're talking about >.> <.< But I really haven't done any "illegal" stuff on SL
  7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? Kikunosuke Eel
  8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? Ummmm... I actually don't have a person... (I think I secretly admire an SL troll named Esteban Winsmore)
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld? One time I was working at The Pixel Pot, and my COMPUTER corrected "How is everything tasting." to, "Hoe is dick tasting." And I tarted freaking out cause I didn't know my Mac could do such a thing!
  10. If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you? "Amai, you see that pretty scarf over there? Go ahead and lift it up... Then take it to the cashier and buy it! Simple as that... Look at it's silky texture, and the color would look fabulous on your skin..." And so on.

And my lovely lovely readers I'm doing a simple weird photo, of my new eyelids :D

I did a lottttt of editing on this picture :P But yes those are really my avatars new eyelids from Slink. I'm doing a post on slink soon, I just need more poses! Why are poses so hard to find?

I love you guys! Stay awesome :)


Sunday, June 16, 2013


Right now I'm having some fashion block!!!!!! I have an idea of a post I'nm going to do, but I need the funds, and the time to do some things to make this outfit happen. I will be gone from probably today through Wednesday, because I'm trying to work on getting new skins, new outfits, money, and I have to do all of this while hanging with my father!! I hope to get out at least 3 outfits, if not more. I'm also working on doing another meme/bloggers challenge, but I need to have a pose, which I can't find ANYWHERE because the store shut down!

I'm really trying to work stuff out and have a check list to work on, and as soon as all of the things I need to get done, are done, I'll get back to you guys with some more projects, and stuff.

Check List:

>Cosmetic Fair Head Shot Post
>Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Poster
>Buying hair, make up, and poses for these shoots
>Work on other random RL things

Thank you for listening to my little rant :P

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Water Lillie

I can't help being obsessed with events (especially the Arcade), but now I just have the need to blog every clothing item I get! It's really early, and I haven't slept, so I won't add links just yet, but they'll be up by tomorrow.

I love that picture :D It's so pretty and I'm really proud of it! This is the first picture I've used windlight on! So I really love bring to add cool new features to my post... So you guys won't see me until tomorrow (because I need rest)! But I'll be on sl just chilling and stuff...

Hair - Clawtooth @Collabor88
Necklace 1 - MG - Ladybird (White) @The Arcade
Necklace 2 - Nylon - Vintage Portrait Necklace (ChaCha) @The Arcade
Dress ~ Tee*fy - Auluriea Summer Dress @The Arcade
Bracelet ~ Noodles - Fairytale Charm Bracelet II (Silver) @The Arcade
Flowers & Pose ~ aDORKable - Bloom 06 @The Arcade


I felt tired and stuff so I haven't been posting lately, and right now I'm have Styling Block... Which sucks! But right now you guys already know I'm obsessed with the stuff from :;TSC::, and the Arcade... Here's a picture I did when I wanted to model for this magazine but wasn't able to enter the contest :/

Here's the photo I called 'Betrayed'. This is another one I wrote something about, but it was a narrative poem cause I'm sappy and stuff...

'Betrayed' - A Narrative Poem

You love me, You love me not
What am I supposed to do about this knife stuck in my back!
These tear coated eyes
This yearning heart!
You brought me here, your good looks, your lies, your care
I thought you loved me, picking those petals made me realize the truth
"He loves me not..." Those words are spoken bitterly.
For you are the heartbreaker, and I was the fool who loved you!
My tear stained cheeks remember the cold heartedness of how you left me
Go, why don't you...
For I have been betrayed, and have tried to wash my sins, but they go deeper then the skin.
Betrayal is the sound of your voice, your smile, your kiss, your everything.
Betrayal is nothing but you.

How was that? Not good... I'm being hard on myself because I'm tired -_-zZzZ

The stuff in this look:

Hair - Clawtooth @ The Arcade
Necklace - MG @ The Arcade
Flowers & Pose - aDORKable poses @ The Arcade
Dress - ::TSC::
Shoes- (fd) @ The Arcade

I'm sorry, but tonight I'm really tired and I am working on a friends photo so I don't feel like putting links in. Bleh... I'll add them later xD

I love you, and leave you with a quote

“It was a mistake," you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.” 
― David Levithan,


Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Arcade

I want to start off by saying, "WHY IS GACHA SO ADDICTING?!?!?", now that, that's out of my system, I feel much better. So, if you didn't catch from the title or my first sentence this post is about gacha! YAYYY! So right now it's 12:00 A.M. and I just did some photo editing for The Arcade gacha event (I really want to win that photography contest)! So I entered this contest and I hope I did a good job on the picture, because truly, I'm still an amateur.

Beautimous ^^

Hair ~ Clawtooth @ The Arcade ~ My Pretty Lady (17 RARE)
Headphones ~ (fd) @ The Arcade ~ Radio Headphones (Neon Blue)
Necklaces ~ MG @ The Arcade - Summer LadyBird (White)
Boustier ~ ::TSC:: - Snazzy Boustier (Milky)
Highwaisted Skirt ~ Tulip. @ The Arcade - Highwaisted Skirt (Blush)
Shoes ~ (fd) @ The Arcade - Bossy Boots (Simple mint)
Bracelet ~ Noodles @ The Arcade - Fairytale Bracelet Part II
Pose ~ Starry Heaven - Misora

And Here is another picture NOT taken by me
The lady who created this one is TokiSan, she is really cool and does awesome photography! All you have to do is send her a notecard in-world stating a time and place for when your photo shiznit shall go down! She did my new profile pic for flickr, and in-world! Awesome work, and a short waiting period on that picture.

Hair ~ Clawtooth @ The Arcade - My Pretty Lady (9 Common)
Necklace ~ MG @ The Arcade - Summer LadyBird (White)
Shorts - +gash+ - Open Button Shorts
Feet - .tsg. - Mesh hand and feet for Xiaxue

Hope you LOVED it!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Names Blogger Meme

 Howdy partners!

Today I felt like doing a random meme, because I was bored. And bored Amai = Crazy Ideas. Today I'm doing another Strawberry Singh meme, cause they're all really interesting, and mind bending! I bring to you SL Names Meme! 

  1. What’s your SL name? kawaiineko123
  2. What made you choose this name? I chose this name when creating my account randomly, I don't even remember how I choose this name because at the time I made the account I was just bored and didn't really want to take time to choose a name >.< If I could go back I would change it to something really different!
  3. What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) Amai, Neko, or Parker
  4. What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) Amai Sakura- I chose this name because I was bored of my original display names. As I've one through sl I have changed up my name A LOT depending on my mood. I felt like I wanted to start fresh and chose a name completely different and random to my previous ones. 
  5. Do you like your SL name? YesYESYESSSSSSS!
  6. If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Candria Sweetwater
  7. What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? KISS MY HUGE FAT ASS (refriedbeans)
  8.  What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? I've seen a lot of cool names, and know a lot of cool people on sl, and I can't think of a specific one right now -_-'

I felt random today so this picture is random to go along with my randomness of doing a meme today :P

Dress ~ ::TSC:: - Jumper (Country Classic)
Moustache ~ {Poptart}- Moustache Gacha (White)
Shoes ~ ::TSC:: - Flats (Peach)
Hair ~ .Ploom. - Casey (blondes)
Ring ~ S 4 P H O R 4 @ Room69 - Flower Ring (gold)

Being random ftw!

Love ya guys 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Too Cool

Today, I wanted to start my post off with the picture. I thought that this picture was super elegant and pretty, it makes me feel like my photo editing has come a long way from when I first started blogging (a long long long long long way)! Anyways I love this look, it's elegant, and cool, and sassy:

Hair ~ Taketomi
Shirt ~ [trs] @ Room69
Skirt ~ [trs]
Shoes ~ ::TSC:: 

Hope you guys enjoyed ^^

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Remember that time, when you go down to a carnival or to a beach and you're wearing your favorite outfit, and everything feels in place? Well if not, I get this feeling a lot! I go to the beach a lot too, so it might just be that. I think this feeling is wonderful! And I decided to share an outfit, I wouldn't mind taking down to the beach.

 Cute for the summer, huh?

Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/ - Lory (Deep Ocean) (The Arcade)
Glasses ~ Poptart - Deal With It Shades (Pastel Universe RARE)
Nose Ring ~ Sugar Heart
Eyebrow Piercing ~ Sugar Heart
Shirt ~ TSC - Studded Geo Top
Shorts ~ +gash+ - Open Button Shorts
Shoes ~ Tulip. - Studded Loafers 


Sunday, June 2, 2013


I got a really cute ring and dress at Room69! So I want to share those with you!

So super adorable dress, shoes, hair, ring, and all that snazzy, right? Who designed this you ask? Well here are some links that will help you find everything that was in this outfit:

Hair bow~ Pretty Liars ~ Find Here
Hair~ Taketomi ~ Find Here
Dress~ +gash+ @ Room69 ~ Find Here
Ring~ Eden @ Room69 ~ Find Here
Shoes~ N-Core ~ Find Here
Pose~ Starry Heaven ~ Find Here

Hope you guys loved this loverly outfit!

Amai - @Room69


So today I am wearing something super cute! And I want to share it with you guys, but you might get zapped looking to closely o_O

For this outfit, all I have to say is "Pikapika!". If you guys don't get this outfit, it's like the Pokemon Pikachu! I spent a lot of time writing a short story behind the outfit, but first I'll give the designers some credit:

Jacket ~ Krautive ~ Find Here
Pants ~ [Crash Republic] ~ Find Here
Skin, and Hands ~ .tsg. ~ Find Here
Hair~ La Viere ~ Find Here

It's just a really simple outfit! I hope you guys enjoyed it, now here is the short (SHORT) story I wrote:

"Ash! Ready or not, here I come!" Called Mom, from the house. I hoped she wouldn't find me hiding in the grass behind the PokeCare hospital. I crawled away slowly from the back and went further into the grass. That's when I heard a soft buzzing noise... But where was it coming from? I turned around to see I was face to face with a small cute blue thing! It reminded me of the other Pokemon I had, Pikachu. This one was cute and tiny, it jumped onto my unfolded palm, and sneezed out one bolt of blue electricity.

"Hey little guy" I said as it sneezed again and rubbed its "runny nose". It looked back at me, angry at my words!

"Clearly, I'm a girl >:(" It said changing forms into a pretty young girl, about my age. I stood there in awe of her beauty and cuteness.

"I can see this, as the beginning to our beautiful friendship!" I whispered, just as my mom appeared behind us, also staring at the girl in awe.

What did you think? I like it! Anyways, I'm on the hunt for some more accessories for gosh sakes! I am stuck on finding good hair, good shoes, and good accessories! Any help?


Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm Now a Room69 Blogger!

So if you guys haven't heard of Room69, it's a super awesome event, where a ton of sl designers get together and put something up for sale at the price of 69L$! It's super cool, and I got contacted about it, so now I'm blogging for the event! This weekend you're sure to see a LOT of Room69 stuff! So go and check it out ^^

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miracle%20Bliss/224/29/22 <--- There's your ride.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Wishes Meme

So if you guys haven't heard of this blogger meme yet and wanna check out more people who did it I'll leave a link below. And another thing before I begin... This meme is a little complicated so here's a quick explanation!

On SL you know we all know that we have somethings we could change/add to our SL viewer and in our SL lives. Say we could make these wishes become true? Well this meme is all about if you could change these things. What are your three wishes?

Okay, let's get on to my wishes!

         1. I wish I could be more talented/creative with my Second Life - I think every SL blogger wants to design sculpts, or create their own clothing line. Sometimes when I want to wear something that I can't find on sl I wish I could just create it myself. Before I got into blogging I wanted to create a girly shoe, dress, blouse, leggings, and pants store, called Petite Fleur. That dream went down the toilet, pretty quickly, after I figured out I can't make mesh clothes! So I just wish I could be creative and talented like a lot of the people you find on here.

      2. I wish I could meet more people... - If you guys didn't know, I'm really, like REALLY, shy, and I don't get out much. Technically what I do on here is work. And I want to get out more but I want to find people who are like me and aren't the perverts that attempt to pick you up in a club! But I've found, outside of my job, that the women of sl are hard to find >.< Sometimes I think I'm the only woman on here. A side from that I think it would be nice to meet more people!

     3.  I wish my viewer wasn't so SLOOOOOWWWWWWW - I lag a ton, and all in all my my viewer is a piece of SHIT! I couldn't get it to work the other day because it was always crashing! So I think that pretty much explains everything.

That's just a picture I thought was pretty so I added it in ^^

Shirt ~ Strawberry Jam {NEW} ~ Find Here


Love. Hugs. Kisses. Peace!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden Tea Party

I love spring, and summer, and the celebrations that goes along with these seasons! What I love most is when you get together all your girlfriends and throw a gorgeous garden party... I designed an outfit after one of these parties and decided to share it with you!

I did some more work with photo editing and want to focus on the picture to the left:
This picture is one of, or is, the best editing jobs I've done! You guys can find all the poses and beautiful clothing, hair, ring, shoes, and skin here:

Hair ~ Magicka - Tomorrow - Find Here
Ring ~ Poptarts ~ Ringy Pop Gatcha {NEW} ~ Find Here
Skin, Shape, and Hands ~ The Sugar Garden ~ Meimei in Xiaxue Tone ~ Find Here
Eyelashes ~ Candy Mountain ~ .Falsies. (Dolly) ~ Find Here
Dress ~ LavandaChic ~ Flower Summer Dress {FOR ACIDLILY GALLERY} ~ Find Here
Shoes ~ MEOW ~ Floral Flats {Rare} ~ (The shop is still under construction)

If you make it down to the acid lily event it is only through June 2! Gogogogo!

Love you guys as always! And I'm sorry for the hiatus or less posting that's going on! As I said in the post before I need a little time to prepare for summer!


Love ya, kisses, buh bye!


The location this was taken at was "The Pixel Pot

Another Hiatus -_-'


Another day...

So if you guys don't know schools almost out, my computer is sucky, and I am TIRED...
I just got by final testing and I had my last class some time last week, now I just have to start packing up the dorm, and doing other stuff that I don't want to do! So I am gonna post some stuff soon... I just need a little time to get stuff together!

I hope that this week I can get some stuff out (I even have a crap ton of outfits prepared). Yeah!

Talk soon



I will probably be changing up my display name sometime soon... Any suggestions?

Monday, May 20, 2013


So this weekend, hopefully, you'll see some posts! As you know my power cord is gone, so right now I have a bad replacement, and the new power cord is coming either tomorrow or the twenty second! I love you guys, and want to make sure my posts are quality and help you guys find some awesome designers on sl! I want to let you guys know about a skin company called tgs, and hopefully we'll have some of their adorable skins out! Love ya guys! 


パーカー  >.< 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


My power cord for my computer split! So now I have a few minutes left on here and have no time to continue sending out more blog posts! I'll start posting as soon as I get a new powercord!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Office Cutie

Second post for today! This one is called the office cutie, can you guess why? Let's take a look, shall we?

Here it is!

Hair ~ [Due] - Yuki 01 - Dark Brown 2 (this is part of the Chapter Four event)
Dress ~ LavandaChic - Acid Lily

Summer Time Lovin'

Yay!! Welcome back to me! Over this week I had a course strictly about horror, we got to watch all the new, and old horror movies, so now I'm all happy! Okay, today I want to start off by saying... IT'S FUCKING MAY!!! WOOT WOOT! So I decided it was time to get on with the summer looks and pulled this together:

I wanna just comment on how amazingly beautiful and editing job this is compared to my other photos. This is a simple and cute outfit, most of which you can find easily! And the dress is a new release from one of the awesomest clothing stores in sl EVER! You should check them out :D

Style Card:

Hair ~ .ploom. - Kayla (Candy color pack)
Dress ~ Pretty Liar - Blocked Maxi Dress (This is for 100block, I'll get a landmark out soon)

>^ - ^< meow! I hope you like the outfit! Go out and try it! The 100block event is gonna be so much fun so I can't wait to get you guys some landmarks to it when it opens up! Love ya!



Sunday, April 28, 2013

What to Come


Next weekend, I want you guys to know that there will be a TON of new posts! I have a lot of new outfits thanks to my new sponsors, and they're so cute I couldn't help but take this chance to blog it out. I believe over the summer you'll see a lot more of me, and then over the next couple of weeks you'll be seeing a mix of not here/here. I'm wrapping things up at my sl teaching job (the schools closing), and I'm just getting started with my new waitress gig (which is awesome)! It's been busy lately, but I went by the kawaii fair, got some new cute dresses, and I'm looking for new cute shoes. Any suggestions as to clothes and shoes can be sent my way! (Don't forget I have a fan mail form!)

I hope you guys are likin' me steppin' up with swag, and style. I'll blog soon with cute new styles! Oh! Last thing... I'm working on a new sponsors page, so if anyone who is sponsoring me sees this, can you PLEASE send me your logo in .jpg? If you can't let me know so I can just write your name and put a link next to it.

Okay that's all for now



Too Mainstream

I'm kind of a hipster so I decided a hipster look would best fit me. I did some research in my own closet and the lovely, lovely google, and came to this:

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills
Glasses ~ Mon Tissu
Sweater ~ PopTarts
Pants ~ PopTarts
Shoes ~ The Wash
Pose ~ Starry Heaven~ Atushi
What do ya think?

Rainy Day

When it's a rainy day and I'm stuck in my house with a closet and computer, you know what I'm gonna do... Create some styllllleeeezzzzz. Okay on with le photo:
Hair - Wasabi Pills
Shirt - =Krautive=
Jeans - E'ire
Lipgloss - Eyelure (Pink Icing #4)
Clutch - Mon Tissu (This is a group gift)
Skin - cStar (comes with eye make-up)
Pose - Starry Haven
Okay kiss, kiss my darlings!


I Took a Walk

So today I wanted to base my style card after a song. Therefor this post is based on Passion Pits- I Took   a Walk. So here is the photo:

Right now I'm working on getting a better photo editor, but that may have to wait. What goes into this you ask?

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/

Dress ~ Eyelure

Shoes ~ Patula's Ribbon Heels

Bag ~ Mon Tissu Soiree

Pose ~ Starry Heaven Poses




Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shrunk Down

I've been waiting a long time to get around to this post but I've been caught up with sl, rl, and just everything has been going into place or falling apart lately. Since it's the end of the year, in rl I have to wrap up my classes but I also have to start writing a summer research paper... YAY! (That was sarcasm). But anyways, I wanna get out there more with new styles so I became a petite for a day! I have to say, this is one of the cutest things ever!

This picture took a long time to edit! I had to go back in and add tons of stuff xD But it turned out pretty awesome! Here are the links to the look:

Shape: Lutricia Roux 
Wings: Misty Fae Wings
Pose: Starry Heaven ~ Kyoko

I love the quote about Tinkerbell on the side! It was adorable and perfect with the look! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I did!




Today, I want to add a question that you can answer down in the comments:

What constellation would you rather be: Orion, or Scorpion?

Okay now I'm seriously gonna get going! Buh, bye!

Friday, April 26, 2013

This Weekend....


Over the weekend I plan to crank out some awesome outfits! I have been looking at finding locations for photography, and changing my blog look, along with getting some new outfits. I've been thinking about adding a sponsors link to the side, which will hopefully grow overtime. Right now (even after getting a new router) my internet is being super crappy, this isn't good for Parker. So I've been fixing my internet nonstop to get second life loaded, getting documents emailed, and working on my blog. Let's hope sometime soon the internet starts working normally. Until then I love you guys and can't wait to get some more sponsors, blossom into photography, and work hard on blogging!



Friday, April 19, 2013

Memories Blogger Challenge

So, I want to start another "Blogger's Challenge". Do you guys remember those times when you felt so happy you wanted to burst with joy? And now every time you think of that, you instantly begin to fill with that same pure joy? Well I want you **points like uncle Sam** to take photos of "memories" and put stories behind them! It can be anything from taking a picture as a kid avi, with your mom or dad when they were younger, to meeting your first boyfriend, or your now husband! This challenge will be going on from the rest of April - June 3rd. I want you to have fun with this! Live like you've never lived before! This is the flickr group:


I hope you guys liked my last post! Well...

Bon nuit my Macaroon's!



Hey! Hey! Hey! It's Fat Dawson!

Hey Guys!

I want to start with... I'm changing my blog name! So if you're like, "Why is Parkers blog missing, or changed?" No need to worry! Jus changing the name to Lemon Tea and Macaroons! But moving on... While I was cleaning up and rearranging stuff in my apt. I found an old picture of me from my senior year in sl high school! I was a total nerd! But I think that being that way has made me the better person I am today. Here it is:

I was actually kinda cute xD 

I can't wait to find more of these back there! I remember Jesse, he was gorgeous!!!!! I should contact him later. I hope you guys are getting a good start to your weekend, cause mine is an awesome start!

Love ya, Mon Petite Macaroon's!


Sunday, April 14, 2013


So guys, I'm having internet, sl, and just rl problems, so you probably won't see me post for a little while. I plan on doing two posts: An Amazing Petite Avi, and A Simple Outfit. I am just going through the daily motions, I know, it sucks! Today I am running on some Pocari Sweat and 1 Coffee! I don't think I'm gonna make it much longer. I just want to let you know, I love you guys and feel terrible for letting you down with blogging. I try bro's, I try. You'll be seeing a lot more of me during the summer and then it is back to long hours of no sl or just blogging! I will talk to you soon and hope you know I'm still thinking about you. While you're waiting here are some pictures of me:

I like how over time you can really see how much my photo editing has improved ^ - ^

Well alonzy!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Rez Day to Me!

Hey Guys,

Today is my rez day! Yayyyy! One year old! This year has gone by so fast, and some bad and good things happened! I hope you guys are looking forward to many blog posts this weekend! I have some real life stuff, but it isn't so big a deal that I would miss blogging, I'll be gone Saturday night and Sunday morning! I have a strict schedule!

Anyways I will get a blog post to you guys soon!



Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surf, Sun, and Fashion Fun

So I have never been sl surfing, and it looks really freaking awesome! So I went and got some sunshine, probably good for my skin tone! Here is me hanging on the board:

Cute, right? I can't believe how much fun surfing is! If you want to check it out you can type "surfing beach" in search and you'll get tons o' beaches! Well this is probably my last post for the day. I promise you'll see more posts cause I'm feelin' a heck of a lot better! 

Goodbye my Fuzzy Peaches!



Doll Innocence Look

I promised I would crank something out today, right? Well here it is, a cute, quick, kind of cheap look! I call it doll innocence because it reminds me of like a rag doll or just any doll in general! Here you go:

I personally find this look cute and creepy at the same time! And look... NEW HAIR! Okay let's get on to what is in this look:

Hair: Truth ~ Lavinia

Dress: Tea Dress ~ Bipolar Pack ~ Find Here

Shoes: MDL ~ Cat Flats ! Find Here

Poses: Starry Heaven ~ Tsubasa ~ Find Here

I hope you enjoyed this look because I sure do! And I have a quick story to tell:

Yesterday I thought I was getting a petite avatar and I spent like almost all of my linden on a stupid avatar that I don't need and isn't a petite! God! Sometimes sl is my friend other times not

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Become a Sponsor!

I finally created a form for those of you who read my blog and are looking for reviewers I will probably have a page up soon, but for now here's the link:


I hope you really will go check it out and become a sponsor! ^ - ^ Right now I am sleep deprived hot, and cold, and in need of some oatmeal! I'll try to get out at least one fashion blog post today and if not, I promise I will get to you on Sunday with some stuff! Well goodbye my Schlonpoofa's!



Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry For the Hiatus!

So lately I know what's been up with my life but you guys don't and are probably like, "Where the %^&$ is Parker!?!?!?" have no fear! I was recently caught with a stomach bug where I was puking every 10 minutes and had the chills and all that! And on top of that I had to go to rl school and work! BOO! So I might go on a little more of a leave until I'm feeling a-okay, or peachy keen! Rihg now as you can tell I am not peachy keen and need more rest ,o do more work/school stuff and take a quick puke break from writing!

Info On My Illness:

I got it about late Saturday, maybe early Sunday...

I haven't gone to the doctor yet

I'm not contagious! ( WOOT WOOT ^ - ^)

I'm gonna puke real quick then probably dose off or play some sl.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Cats

My kitty's were interacting, like literally meowing back and forth, then like nodding their heads. This is what they looked like all talkative and lovey-dovey and crap! It was so adorable! Yay!

  There they are in all their glory! I was playing with more photo editing and I hope to do more black and white photos! I hope you enjoyed your spring break or just the second week of spring! Well I hope to post more stuff coming up here! 


So I got a dress that I didn't know was meant for winter *facepalm*! It is totally gorgeous and you can wear to parties even if it's a little out of date... Anyways here is this cute outfit that goes with the song 'Deck the Halls'. And again I apologize for reminding you guys of that time at Christmas where you wanna be now! Here is the outfit in two different camera angles and poses:

Cute! I love the snowfall and the dress! I hope you guys enjoy this look and get it because it is ADORABLE!!! I know I don't change hair styles that much but I'm working on getting more xD I just love my streaked hair so much!!!!!!!! Anyways lets see what this style is made of:

Dress ~ Dollle ~ Winter Strapless Dress Gift ~ Find Here

Feet ~ Meli Amako ~ Prim Feet ~ Find Here

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Lights and Darks

Skin ~ cStar ~ Candy Pop ~ *not available anymore*

When you go ahead and see this try it out! I love the look even though it makes me miss that delicious Christmas ham, and the best present you got! Anyways... Here is the song that I thought of when the outfit came together: 'Deck the Halls'



Love Fool

Here is the last post of the night! I must say, if you ask me, that this song goes perfectly with the dress! And it's just a cute simple outfit I created. I  am probably going to post the last song tomorrow along with a surprise! I'll give you a hint... Movies... Jason Segel... Anyways here is the outfit:

On the pictures as you can probably see I am a blonde, and that lyrics of the song are on there! How cute! I love the dress, the hair, the stockings (I think you guys knew that already), and of course the poses! It all came together so well, and I'm proud of myself for the first picture because I have a shadow! Enough ranting about how much I love the outfit! It is time to see what goes into this:

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Lights and Darks

Dress ~ Dollles ~ Valentine Group Gift ~ Find Here

Stockings ~ [UMEBOSHI] ~ Group Gift ~ Find Here

Skin ~ cStar ~ Candy Pop ~ Unavailable! :(


Pic 1 ~ Starry Heaven ~ Eri ~ A Hunt Gift Coming April 15th ~ Get Info Here

Pic 2 ~ Starry Heaven ~ Sugizo ~ Find Here

The song for this look: DRUM ROLL PLEASSSEE!!!!

Au revoir mon mignons chatons!!


Friday, March 29, 2013

The Summer of '69

Tonight I'm doing 3 Looks in separate blogs that remind me of 3 different songs. I went to a store that I love today called Dollle and they had the cutest gifts! So I got all three gift dresses and I must confess I love them and they love me because the compliment my style! So guys.. Here is look #1:

The Summer of '69

When I was creating this look I couldn't decide between 'The Summer of '69' or 'Little Red Corvette'! I mean what great songs... both of them. I decided to finally go with '69 because the outfit reminded me of summer and the car added great heights to this decision! 

What This Outfit is Made of:

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Darks and Lights Package

Skin ~ cStar ~ 80's Show Off ~ (I can't find it anymore *it might have been taken off the marketplace)

Dress ~ Dollle ~ Short Pastel Dress Gift ~ Find Here

Pose: Starry Heaven ~ Atsushi ~ Find Here 

I can't see what you guys think of next post... Me and my crazy ideas!

Krazy Kyary

So I love this artist named KyaryPyamuPyamu! She is a J-pop singer and super adorable!! If you haven't heard her music, check it out! I found out that Starry Heaven HAS a Kyary set so I tested out the poses and did some adorable shooting with a crazy outfit dug from the depths of my inventory! You test these poses too because the outfit with the poses are too damn adorable!





Dress: !gO! ~ Bloom Mesh Dress ~ Find Here

Tights: [UMEBOSHI] ~ Group Gift Stockings ~ Find Here

Shoes: .: Midi: Nette:. ~ KyaryPonPon Flats ~ Find Here

Hair Bow: .::Y&R::. ~ Big Bow hairband ~ Find Here

In other news, I am now obsessed with photo editing! If you're interested in getting a photo edited or something added to it you can send the pic to my email and I'll get it all swagged up! (I can't believe I just used the word swagged...) And also I got a Plurk! You can get to my profile thingie by searching for Parker Rose Dawson or ParkerDawson and I should come up! Alrighty den. I will blog soon with an exciting new picture :D

Sleepy Kittens

So guys here is a picture of me and me kitty's Mellow, and Mi-chan. I will be saying goodnight after this. But before I go I wanted to let you know that I will be posting a surprise soon that I hope you guys will really enjoy! I'm trying to get more sponsors for the blog, hopefully some will pop up here soon! So here is the last photo of the night:


Can you guys resist how cute this is?!?! Anyways I hope I can get a little more stuff out tomorrowcause I'm addicted to photo editing! But I am going to be busier tomorrow working on stuff for sl work (blogging, teaching, and all that mumbo jumbo), while also playing sl normally, and balancing school work on top of that. Let's hope my brain doesn't explode! Well goodnight y'all!



Outfit: Find Here
Poses: Find Here (Shout out to Starry Heaven Poses!)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Have Spring (Fashion) Fever!

This is part of one of the outfits that I posted before but with cuter poses and editing! I can't get enough of freaking editing! SOMEBODY PULL ME AWAY FROM PICMONKEY!!! Anyways, this is the Chandelle group gift, which I must say is absolutely stunning! And some more awesome poses from Starry Heaven. The pose set I'm using is 'Erika' and these are just the first 2! I can't wait to find more spring outfits because I think I need to pull myself away from photo editing and shopping can probably do that deed! So here are more "polaroids" of my Spring Fever Fashion Set (that's a mouthful). Anyways enjoy!

I hope you guys are enjoying these days of spring because I am! From my apartment irl I can already see the flowers blossoming! YAY! Love you all and blog soon!




First off I have a new photo editing program! It rocks! It's free and online so if you want to check it out, find it HERE. I am still working on becoming even better at sl photography. Here is one of the pics I edited, it is from one of my spring looks but it looks cooler this way:

I'm so setting this as my profile pic :D
And in other news I got some new poses! Awesome sauce! They are by a place called Starry Heaven which you can find HERE but here are some shots I took and they are super cute! Here you go:

Sleepy Me *YAWN* - o -

I Love, Love, Love This pic!

Anyways this is probably what my photos will now be looking like! Unless one lazy day I don't edit them xD And this is what goes into this lovely piece of art:

Pillows: Lisp Baazar ~ Find Here
The Blanket: I made it!
The Pj's: A Group Gift From T&C That is Not Available Anymore (Sorry)
Hair: Truth ~ Tamina Blacks and Whites

I hope you guys enjoyed and SMOOCHES to all those out there that are reading this!




For Japan I visited two sims, I really enjoyed them both except it would've been nice if there were more people to hang out with :P The sims had amazing, beautiful scenery and had lots of interactive activities. I would recommend them if you're trying to have a nice quiet get away. I wanted to get more pictures but I feel really lazy today so we're gonna just stick to the 5 I have xD

But today was Japan tomorrow is probably gonna be India! Yay! I'm probably gonna start working with more photography and see where it takes me, I know my pictures are kind sucky :P

1. Nagano
Row, row, row, your boat

Taking a Bike Ride

Find Here

2. Japan Garden Project

Peaceful Gardens

Basking in the Sunlight

Tea Time!

Find Here

Bah, bye mah teeny weeny piglets! Love ya!