Sunday, April 28, 2013

What to Come


Next weekend, I want you guys to know that there will be a TON of new posts! I have a lot of new outfits thanks to my new sponsors, and they're so cute I couldn't help but take this chance to blog it out. I believe over the summer you'll see a lot more of me, and then over the next couple of weeks you'll be seeing a mix of not here/here. I'm wrapping things up at my sl teaching job (the schools closing), and I'm just getting started with my new waitress gig (which is awesome)! It's been busy lately, but I went by the kawaii fair, got some new cute dresses, and I'm looking for new cute shoes. Any suggestions as to clothes and shoes can be sent my way! (Don't forget I have a fan mail form!)

I hope you guys are likin' me steppin' up with swag, and style. I'll blog soon with cute new styles! Oh! Last thing... I'm working on a new sponsors page, so if anyone who is sponsoring me sees this, can you PLEASE send me your logo in .jpg? If you can't let me know so I can just write your name and put a link next to it.

Okay that's all for now



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