Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doll Innocence Look

I promised I would crank something out today, right? Well here it is, a cute, quick, kind of cheap look! I call it doll innocence because it reminds me of like a rag doll or just any doll in general! Here you go:

I personally find this look cute and creepy at the same time! And look... NEW HAIR! Okay let's get on to what is in this look:

Hair: Truth ~ Lavinia

Dress: Tea Dress ~ Bipolar Pack ~ Find Here

Shoes: MDL ~ Cat Flats ! Find Here

Poses: Starry Heaven ~ Tsubasa ~ Find Here

I hope you enjoyed this look because I sure do! And I have a quick story to tell:

Yesterday I thought I was getting a petite avatar and I spent like almost all of my linden on a stupid avatar that I don't need and isn't a petite! God! Sometimes sl is my friend other times not

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