Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Cats

My kitty's were interacting, like literally meowing back and forth, then like nodding their heads. This is what they looked like all talkative and lovey-dovey and crap! It was so adorable! Yay!

  There they are in all their glory! I was playing with more photo editing and I hope to do more black and white photos! I hope you enjoyed your spring break or just the second week of spring! Well I hope to post more stuff coming up here! 


So I got a dress that I didn't know was meant for winter *facepalm*! It is totally gorgeous and you can wear to parties even if it's a little out of date... Anyways here is this cute outfit that goes with the song 'Deck the Halls'. And again I apologize for reminding you guys of that time at Christmas where you wanna be now! Here is the outfit in two different camera angles and poses:

Cute! I love the snowfall and the dress! I hope you guys enjoy this look and get it because it is ADORABLE!!! I know I don't change hair styles that much but I'm working on getting more xD I just love my streaked hair so much!!!!!!!! Anyways lets see what this style is made of:

Dress ~ Dollle ~ Winter Strapless Dress Gift ~ Find Here

Feet ~ Meli Amako ~ Prim Feet ~ Find Here

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Lights and Darks

Skin ~ cStar ~ Candy Pop ~ *not available anymore*

When you go ahead and see this try it out! I love the look even though it makes me miss that delicious Christmas ham, and the best present you got! Anyways... Here is the song that I thought of when the outfit came together: 'Deck the Halls'



Love Fool

Here is the last post of the night! I must say, if you ask me, that this song goes perfectly with the dress! And it's just a cute simple outfit I created. I  am probably going to post the last song tomorrow along with a surprise! I'll give you a hint... Movies... Jason Segel... Anyways here is the outfit:

On the pictures as you can probably see I am a blonde, and that lyrics of the song are on there! How cute! I love the dress, the hair, the stockings (I think you guys knew that already), and of course the poses! It all came together so well, and I'm proud of myself for the first picture because I have a shadow! Enough ranting about how much I love the outfit! It is time to see what goes into this:

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Lights and Darks

Dress ~ Dollles ~ Valentine Group Gift ~ Find Here

Stockings ~ [UMEBOSHI] ~ Group Gift ~ Find Here

Skin ~ cStar ~ Candy Pop ~ Unavailable! :(


Pic 1 ~ Starry Heaven ~ Eri ~ A Hunt Gift Coming April 15th ~ Get Info Here

Pic 2 ~ Starry Heaven ~ Sugizo ~ Find Here

The song for this look: DRUM ROLL PLEASSSEE!!!!

Au revoir mon mignons chatons!!


Friday, March 29, 2013

The Summer of '69

Tonight I'm doing 3 Looks in separate blogs that remind me of 3 different songs. I went to a store that I love today called Dollle and they had the cutest gifts! So I got all three gift dresses and I must confess I love them and they love me because the compliment my style! So guys.. Here is look #1:

The Summer of '69

When I was creating this look I couldn't decide between 'The Summer of '69' or 'Little Red Corvette'! I mean what great songs... both of them. I decided to finally go with '69 because the outfit reminded me of summer and the car added great heights to this decision! 

What This Outfit is Made of:

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Darks and Lights Package

Skin ~ cStar ~ 80's Show Off ~ (I can't find it anymore *it might have been taken off the marketplace)

Dress ~ Dollle ~ Short Pastel Dress Gift ~ Find Here

Pose: Starry Heaven ~ Atsushi ~ Find Here 

I can't see what you guys think of next post... Me and my crazy ideas!

Krazy Kyary

So I love this artist named KyaryPyamuPyamu! She is a J-pop singer and super adorable!! If you haven't heard her music, check it out! I found out that Starry Heaven HAS a Kyary set so I tested out the poses and did some adorable shooting with a crazy outfit dug from the depths of my inventory! You test these poses too because the outfit with the poses are too damn adorable!





Dress: !gO! ~ Bloom Mesh Dress ~ Find Here

Tights: [UMEBOSHI] ~ Group Gift Stockings ~ Find Here

Shoes: .: Midi: Nette:. ~ KyaryPonPon Flats ~ Find Here

Hair Bow: .::Y&R::. ~ Big Bow hairband ~ Find Here

In other news, I am now obsessed with photo editing! If you're interested in getting a photo edited or something added to it you can send the pic to my email and I'll get it all swagged up! (I can't believe I just used the word swagged...) And also I got a Plurk! You can get to my profile thingie by searching for Parker Rose Dawson or ParkerDawson and I should come up! Alrighty den. I will blog soon with an exciting new picture :D

Sleepy Kittens

So guys here is a picture of me and me kitty's Mellow, and Mi-chan. I will be saying goodnight after this. But before I go I wanted to let you know that I will be posting a surprise soon that I hope you guys will really enjoy! I'm trying to get more sponsors for the blog, hopefully some will pop up here soon! So here is the last photo of the night:


Can you guys resist how cute this is?!?! Anyways I hope I can get a little more stuff out tomorrowcause I'm addicted to photo editing! But I am going to be busier tomorrow working on stuff for sl work (blogging, teaching, and all that mumbo jumbo), while also playing sl normally, and balancing school work on top of that. Let's hope my brain doesn't explode! Well goodnight y'all!



Outfit: Find Here
Poses: Find Here (Shout out to Starry Heaven Poses!)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Have Spring (Fashion) Fever!

This is part of one of the outfits that I posted before but with cuter poses and editing! I can't get enough of freaking editing! SOMEBODY PULL ME AWAY FROM PICMONKEY!!! Anyways, this is the Chandelle group gift, which I must say is absolutely stunning! And some more awesome poses from Starry Heaven. The pose set I'm using is 'Erika' and these are just the first 2! I can't wait to find more spring outfits because I think I need to pull myself away from photo editing and shopping can probably do that deed! So here are more "polaroids" of my Spring Fever Fashion Set (that's a mouthful). Anyways enjoy!

I hope you guys are enjoying these days of spring because I am! From my apartment irl I can already see the flowers blossoming! YAY! Love you all and blog soon!




First off I have a new photo editing program! It rocks! It's free and online so if you want to check it out, find it HERE. I am still working on becoming even better at sl photography. Here is one of the pics I edited, it is from one of my spring looks but it looks cooler this way:

I'm so setting this as my profile pic :D
And in other news I got some new poses! Awesome sauce! They are by a place called Starry Heaven which you can find HERE but here are some shots I took and they are super cute! Here you go:

Sleepy Me *YAWN* - o -

I Love, Love, Love This pic!

Anyways this is probably what my photos will now be looking like! Unless one lazy day I don't edit them xD And this is what goes into this lovely piece of art:

Pillows: Lisp Baazar ~ Find Here
The Blanket: I made it!
The Pj's: A Group Gift From T&C That is Not Available Anymore (Sorry)
Hair: Truth ~ Tamina Blacks and Whites

I hope you guys enjoyed and SMOOCHES to all those out there that are reading this!




For Japan I visited two sims, I really enjoyed them both except it would've been nice if there were more people to hang out with :P The sims had amazing, beautiful scenery and had lots of interactive activities. I would recommend them if you're trying to have a nice quiet get away. I wanted to get more pictures but I feel really lazy today so we're gonna just stick to the 5 I have xD

But today was Japan tomorrow is probably gonna be India! Yay! I'm probably gonna start working with more photography and see where it takes me, I know my pictures are kind sucky :P

1. Nagano
Row, row, row, your boat

Taking a Bike Ride

Find Here

2. Japan Garden Project

Peaceful Gardens

Basking in the Sunlight

Tea Time!

Find Here

Bah, bye mah teeny weeny piglets! Love ya!


Travel Blogging?!?!

So today I'm going to try and play around with sl travel blogging! It seems like a cool subject and after browsing yesterday after going over some research, I decided to do a travel set! I'm going to travel around sl Asia sims and see what people I meet and what clothes I can find. You know that Parker can't go anywhere without dressing up! And guys yesterday I was browsing some more sl blogs and I found one special one called 'Cute as a Button', I'll put the link for that below. So guys expect some Japanese, Bangladesh, Indian, Korean, and Chinese blogs coming up here! (Let's hope I can find a kimono, or Sari of some sort).

You can find the blog: HERE

I hope all of you are having an awesome day and I love you my little pandas!



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Spring Clothes

These are 2 other great spring outfits! Today I felt style savvy! Fashonista's don't judge... but anyways, as always enjoy and try them out for yourself!

Best for March, April, and May


Outfit: Chandelle ~ Find Here
Shoes: The Wash ~ Find Here


(I attempted to play with saturation and all that junk...)

Shirt: Not a Toy ~ Find Here

Jeans: [M] ~ Find Here

Shoes: The Wash ~ Find Here

Spring Tis the Season to Be Girly!

Okay, here are some more spring looks! 'Cause spring is my favorite season, so let's use this chance to start creating some more good looks!

Here is the day shot of my outfit:

And then the night shot:

This outfit really reminds me of flowers, and water nymphs, and all that girly stuff! But I love it and can't wait to try and make more of these more girly outfits. 

What Goes Into This Outfit:

Dress ~ L'APH 
Hair ~ Peqe Lya Hair - Group Gift ~ Find Here
Skin ~ cStar Limited - Candy Pop Skin 2.0 ~ Find Here

Glitches are Total BITCHES!

Lately my game has been glitching out when:

A) I plug in, or out, head phones

B) Shut my laptop for a minute

C) Just turns out

Does anybody have any solutions? I'm getting really sick and tired of turning SL back on!

Anyways the message her is:


Spring Look Book

Today, I wanted to show off some SUPER cute, and awesome outfits! Most of the accessories are free, so lets begin:

1. Love, Stripes, and Studs

Dress: Blueberry- Cloe Stripped Mesh ~ Find Here

Tights: [UMEBOSHI] Group Gift ~ Find Here 

Shoes: !Soul! ~ Find Here

Pose: :.Fudge:. ~ Find Here

2. Light as a Feather

I realized that the tights didn't show up :O 

Hair Tie: Monso ** Group Gift ** ~ Find Here

Dress: Peqe ~ Find Here (It's in the Scribe-o-Matic

Tights: [UMEBOSHI] Group Gift ~ Find Here

Pose: :.Fudge:. ~ Find Here

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Awesome Outfit, Even Awesomer Place!

Today I felt doing vintage. So I went with an outfit I call, 'Pin Me Up'. I created this from marketplace stuff that only cost a wooping 8L$ (not including jewelry)! Now this is quite a deal for how INCREDIBLY adorable this outfit is! I even went to a place called Vintage Vinyl Records, and Cafe, which, btw, has amazing music! I dare you to go check it out! Alrighty, now let's get to the outfit portion of this:

Pin Me Up!

So someone photo bombed me while I was taking the picture! *Parker Whispers: BUCK YOU* JKJKJK... anyways here's what goes into this outfit:

Necklace: Find Here
Glasses: Find Here
Top: Find Here
Shorts: Find Here
Shoes: Find Here (they have other colors too)

Anyways, this is the lovely outfit for the new spring! Or should I say old spring... *wink, wink*. That was another terrible joke by Parker... Anyways love y'alls! And if you have any clothes you want to let me try you can send them down to me! Cause everyone knows I love clothes. So bah, bye my lovelies!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hey Guys! Sorry about that recent down time with blog posts! So today I want to discuss the holiday that's coming up soon... EASTER!!! I use Easter as an excuse to eat chocolate, and candy, but maybe you have some other ideas for easter... I have put together 3 outfits under 10 linden that are perfect for your easter holiday. Wether you're spending it with friends and family, or eating all those bunny chocolates...

1. Egg Hunting



Basket- Find Here
Ears- Find Here
Tail- Find Here
Dress- Find Here


The Basket is a little awkward to hold, I don't know if it was a HUD or an AO that was keeping the basket from sticking out like that, but I still love the outfit!

Total Cost: 1L$

2. Bunny Hop

Hair- Find Here
Lingerie- Find Here 
See First Look For Accessories

Total Cost: 2L$

3. Candy Time! (Relaxing At Home)

Dress - Find Here

Total Cost: 1L$ (not including hair)

So I hope you guys enjoy these looks and go out to try them! These are easy enough and super fun! I want you to go out and try these and message me if you like them or not and if you want more "Holiday Look books"! I just wanted to let you know that right now I'm trying to get my blog out there more and have more time to blog! So hope you guys enjoyed!


Sunday, March 17, 2013



On some Sunday's and Thursday's I will not be posting. So if you're like, "Where the hell is Parker?" I'm taking my day off from blogging! It's hard bringing in all that fashion! So see you tomorrow!


Fashionable Kitten

So this is going to be about my new kitten Mi-chan who I got yesterday! She is one of the cutest little things you've ever seen. She sleeps a ton though... Anyways... I'm hoping to get her a breeding partner soon or just to keep her as a pet. I love her soooooooo much! Well I'm gonna head off to bed now xD

St. Patty's Day Dress!

Dress and Shoes:

♥Find Here


Pinboard and Mannequin ~ What Next

Coffee Print ~ LISP Bazar 

I know a lot of people on Second Life will go on the marketplace or other stores and try to find St. Patricks outfits. I on the other hand don't... Personally for a month I try to conserve a lot of money from my work (not including rent and MUST-HAVE clothes...), and then spoil myself at the end of the month, and for holidays and special occasions I look for things that are already in my closet. So today I was looking through my inventory to find some sort of St. Patty's outfit and I found this! Super cute, right?

Well it only cost 60L$ and isn't just for St. Patrick's day... You can wear it for any occasion pretty much! ^ - ^ So I recommend you go and try this out because it makes the perfect occasion dress :D


Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Next... My Favorite Home and Garden Store

{What Next} Ciel Bloggers Office

Find Here

Sky Box

Find Here

Dress and Shoes


Recently I found an AMAZING(!!!!) home + garden store called What Next. I have become obsessed with their furniture and find it hard to find just one thing to buy! I have bought many things from their main store in-world, but also on their Market Place shop. I can't wait to get more and more things from them! It is super awesome that they have super nice, yet amazing priced furniture! 

I know that they have some furniture for breed able, and KittyCatS but aside from that they have so many furniture sets and single pieces. I can't wait to see what new creative furniture and ideas they come up with!


Lesson Plans, and Spring Poetry

{Example Haiku}
For my class I had planned to do a spring poetry week where we would take a hike around a park. So tonight as I was writing my lesson plan I realized that I need to find stationary... but I couldn't find any spring-ish types. When I finally did the formatting was two small and I wasted 10L$ on a texture that wouldn't be needed. I called up my boss about the deal and she never got back to me. I spent about an hour on google, looking through my pictures from Hawaii, eating chips while stressing about my lesson plan, and then finally finding an image that fit by searching 'Spring Bird'. I mean seriously?!!? All I needed to do was search spring bird? 

So next time I need to really look before turning something into a texture... This is the final product of the example haiku... Well I'm gonna go rest now from all that searching - _ -*

Note to self: When you need a texture look for the most obvious stuff...