Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Awesome Outfit, Even Awesomer Place!

Today I felt doing vintage. So I went with an outfit I call, 'Pin Me Up'. I created this from marketplace stuff that only cost a wooping 8L$ (not including jewelry)! Now this is quite a deal for how INCREDIBLY adorable this outfit is! I even went to a place called Vintage Vinyl Records, and Cafe, which, btw, has amazing music! I dare you to go check it out! Alrighty, now let's get to the outfit portion of this:

Pin Me Up!

So someone photo bombed me while I was taking the picture! *Parker Whispers: BUCK YOU* JKJKJK... anyways here's what goes into this outfit:

Necklace: Find Here
Glasses: Find Here
Top: Find Here
Shorts: Find Here
Shoes: Find Here (they have other colors too)

Anyways, this is the lovely outfit for the new spring! Or should I say old spring... *wink, wink*. That was another terrible joke by Parker... Anyways love y'alls! And if you have any clothes you want to let me try you can send them down to me! Cause everyone knows I love clothes. So bah, bye my lovelies!

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