Saturday, March 30, 2013


So I got a dress that I didn't know was meant for winter *facepalm*! It is totally gorgeous and you can wear to parties even if it's a little out of date... Anyways here is this cute outfit that goes with the song 'Deck the Halls'. And again I apologize for reminding you guys of that time at Christmas where you wanna be now! Here is the outfit in two different camera angles and poses:

Cute! I love the snowfall and the dress! I hope you guys enjoy this look and get it because it is ADORABLE!!! I know I don't change hair styles that much but I'm working on getting more xD I just love my streaked hair so much!!!!!!!! Anyways lets see what this style is made of:

Dress ~ Dollle ~ Winter Strapless Dress Gift ~ Find Here

Feet ~ Meli Amako ~ Prim Feet ~ Find Here

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Lights and Darks

Skin ~ cStar ~ Candy Pop ~ *not available anymore*

When you go ahead and see this try it out! I love the look even though it makes me miss that delicious Christmas ham, and the best present you got! Anyways... Here is the song that I thought of when the outfit came together: 'Deck the Halls'



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