Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lesson Plans, and Spring Poetry

{Example Haiku}
For my class I had planned to do a spring poetry week where we would take a hike around a park. So tonight as I was writing my lesson plan I realized that I need to find stationary... but I couldn't find any spring-ish types. When I finally did the formatting was two small and I wasted 10L$ on a texture that wouldn't be needed. I called up my boss about the deal and she never got back to me. I spent about an hour on google, looking through my pictures from Hawaii, eating chips while stressing about my lesson plan, and then finally finding an image that fit by searching 'Spring Bird'. I mean seriously?!!? All I needed to do was search spring bird? 

So next time I need to really look before turning something into a texture... This is the final product of the example haiku... Well I'm gonna go rest now from all that searching - _ -*

Note to self: When you need a texture look for the most obvious stuff...

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