Thursday, March 28, 2013


First off I have a new photo editing program! It rocks! It's free and online so if you want to check it out, find it HERE. I am still working on becoming even better at sl photography. Here is one of the pics I edited, it is from one of my spring looks but it looks cooler this way:

I'm so setting this as my profile pic :D
And in other news I got some new poses! Awesome sauce! They are by a place called Starry Heaven which you can find HERE but here are some shots I took and they are super cute! Here you go:

Sleepy Me *YAWN* - o -

I Love, Love, Love This pic!

Anyways this is probably what my photos will now be looking like! Unless one lazy day I don't edit them xD And this is what goes into this lovely piece of art:

Pillows: Lisp Baazar ~ Find Here
The Blanket: I made it!
The Pj's: A Group Gift From T&C That is Not Available Anymore (Sorry)
Hair: Truth ~ Tamina Blacks and Whites

I hope you guys enjoyed and SMOOCHES to all those out there that are reading this!



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  1. You look so cute sleeping!

    Thank you for using our poses!