Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day Dress!

Dress and Shoes:

♥Find Here


Pinboard and Mannequin ~ What Next

Coffee Print ~ LISP Bazar 

I know a lot of people on Second Life will go on the marketplace or other stores and try to find St. Patricks outfits. I on the other hand don't... Personally for a month I try to conserve a lot of money from my work (not including rent and MUST-HAVE clothes...), and then spoil myself at the end of the month, and for holidays and special occasions I look for things that are already in my closet. So today I was looking through my inventory to find some sort of St. Patty's outfit and I found this! Super cute, right?

Well it only cost 60L$ and isn't just for St. Patrick's day... You can wear it for any occasion pretty much! ^ - ^ So I recommend you go and try this out because it makes the perfect occasion dress :D


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