Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Have Spring (Fashion) Fever!

This is part of one of the outfits that I posted before but with cuter poses and editing! I can't get enough of freaking editing! SOMEBODY PULL ME AWAY FROM PICMONKEY!!! Anyways, this is the Chandelle group gift, which I must say is absolutely stunning! And some more awesome poses from Starry Heaven. The pose set I'm using is 'Erika' and these are just the first 2! I can't wait to find more spring outfits because I think I need to pull myself away from photo editing and shopping can probably do that deed! So here are more "polaroids" of my Spring Fever Fashion Set (that's a mouthful). Anyways enjoy!

I hope you guys are enjoying these days of spring because I am! From my apartment irl I can already see the flowers blossoming! YAY! Love you all and blog soon!



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