Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love Fool

Here is the last post of the night! I must say, if you ask me, that this song goes perfectly with the dress! And it's just a cute simple outfit I created. I  am probably going to post the last song tomorrow along with a surprise! I'll give you a hint... Movies... Jason Segel... Anyways here is the outfit:

On the pictures as you can probably see I am a blonde, and that lyrics of the song are on there! How cute! I love the dress, the hair, the stockings (I think you guys knew that already), and of course the poses! It all came together so well, and I'm proud of myself for the first picture because I have a shadow! Enough ranting about how much I love the outfit! It is time to see what goes into this:

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Lights and Darks

Dress ~ Dollles ~ Valentine Group Gift ~ Find Here

Stockings ~ [UMEBOSHI] ~ Group Gift ~ Find Here

Skin ~ cStar ~ Candy Pop ~ Unavailable! :(


Pic 1 ~ Starry Heaven ~ Eri ~ A Hunt Gift Coming April 15th ~ Get Info Here

Pic 2 ~ Starry Heaven ~ Sugizo ~ Find Here

The song for this look: DRUM ROLL PLEASSSEE!!!!

Au revoir mon mignons chatons!!


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