Friday, March 29, 2013

The Summer of '69

Tonight I'm doing 3 Looks in separate blogs that remind me of 3 different songs. I went to a store that I love today called Dollle and they had the cutest gifts! So I got all three gift dresses and I must confess I love them and they love me because the compliment my style! So guys.. Here is look #1:

The Summer of '69

When I was creating this look I couldn't decide between 'The Summer of '69' or 'Little Red Corvette'! I mean what great songs... both of them. I decided to finally go with '69 because the outfit reminded me of summer and the car added great heights to this decision! 

What This Outfit is Made of:

Hair ~ Truth ~ Tamina ~ Darks and Lights Package

Skin ~ cStar ~ 80's Show Off ~ (I can't find it anymore *it might have been taken off the marketplace)

Dress ~ Dollle ~ Short Pastel Dress Gift ~ Find Here

Pose: Starry Heaven ~ Atsushi ~ Find Here 

I can't see what you guys think of next post... Me and my crazy ideas!

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