Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry For the Hiatus!

So lately I know what's been up with my life but you guys don't and are probably like, "Where the %^&$ is Parker!?!?!?" have no fear! I was recently caught with a stomach bug where I was puking every 10 minutes and had the chills and all that! And on top of that I had to go to rl school and work! BOO! So I might go on a little more of a leave until I'm feeling a-okay, or peachy keen! Rihg now as you can tell I am not peachy keen and need more rest ,o do more work/school stuff and take a quick puke break from writing!

Info On My Illness:

I got it about late Saturday, maybe early Sunday...

I haven't gone to the doctor yet

I'm not contagious! ( WOOT WOOT ^ - ^)

I'm gonna puke real quick then probably dose off or play some sl.


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