Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good Morning!

Gooooooddd morning my lovely, lovely, lovely readers :) I know I already did a post about taking a little time off from blogging to do some stuff, but now I really need a while!! I just found out that my screen has broken away from my actual computer, and it's literally hanging by a thread (or more like a cord) so I think I need to take my laptop down to a repair shop so we can fix my little issue... I think part of the reason my computer is almost to the point of crumbling to its death, is because it over heats a LOT (which made the battery inflate) and I don't know how it caused my poor little screen to fall off :( Anywayyyyysss... I'll be taking some time off to get this fixed.

Another piece of news (that's good), is that I got my photography business started! It's called Click.Snap.Cheese photography, and if anyone who reads my blog want me to do a profile pic, or a family photo, let me know. I do something called rawshot photography, which is a little different, because it uses very little editing... But it's still cool and fun! If you want your picture done between July 1- July 10 it's half off per picture :) And if you guys click on the photography tab, that's where I'll put all the sales and updates!!!

I love you guys, and hopefully my computer will get fixed in the next week or so, if not... I'll see you later Honeybunches of Oats :P



Thank you Fable for doing my label!

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