Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Arcade

I want to start off by saying, "WHY IS GACHA SO ADDICTING?!?!?", now that, that's out of my system, I feel much better. So, if you didn't catch from the title or my first sentence this post is about gacha! YAYYY! So right now it's 12:00 A.M. and I just did some photo editing for The Arcade gacha event (I really want to win that photography contest)! So I entered this contest and I hope I did a good job on the picture, because truly, I'm still an amateur.

Beautimous ^^

Hair ~ Clawtooth @ The Arcade ~ My Pretty Lady (17 RARE)
Headphones ~ (fd) @ The Arcade ~ Radio Headphones (Neon Blue)
Necklaces ~ MG @ The Arcade - Summer LadyBird (White)
Boustier ~ ::TSC:: - Snazzy Boustier (Milky)
Highwaisted Skirt ~ Tulip. @ The Arcade - Highwaisted Skirt (Blush)
Shoes ~ (fd) @ The Arcade - Bossy Boots (Simple mint)
Bracelet ~ Noodles @ The Arcade - Fairytale Bracelet Part II
Pose ~ Starry Heaven - Misora

And Here is another picture NOT taken by me
The lady who created this one is TokiSan, she is really cool and does awesome photography! All you have to do is send her a notecard in-world stating a time and place for when your photo shiznit shall go down! She did my new profile pic for flickr, and in-world! Awesome work, and a short waiting period on that picture.

Hair ~ Clawtooth @ The Arcade - My Pretty Lady (9 Common)
Necklace ~ MG @ The Arcade - Summer LadyBird (White)
Shorts - +gash+ - Open Button Shorts
Feet - .tsg. - Mesh hand and feet for Xiaxue

Hope you LOVED it!


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