Sunday, June 2, 2013


So today I am wearing something super cute! And I want to share it with you guys, but you might get zapped looking to closely o_O

For this outfit, all I have to say is "Pikapika!". If you guys don't get this outfit, it's like the Pokemon Pikachu! I spent a lot of time writing a short story behind the outfit, but first I'll give the designers some credit:

Jacket ~ Krautive ~ Find Here
Pants ~ [Crash Republic] ~ Find Here
Skin, and Hands ~ .tsg. ~ Find Here
Hair~ La Viere ~ Find Here

It's just a really simple outfit! I hope you guys enjoyed it, now here is the short (SHORT) story I wrote:

"Ash! Ready or not, here I come!" Called Mom, from the house. I hoped she wouldn't find me hiding in the grass behind the PokeCare hospital. I crawled away slowly from the back and went further into the grass. That's when I heard a soft buzzing noise... But where was it coming from? I turned around to see I was face to face with a small cute blue thing! It reminded me of the other Pokemon I had, Pikachu. This one was cute and tiny, it jumped onto my unfolded palm, and sneezed out one bolt of blue electricity.

"Hey little guy" I said as it sneezed again and rubbed its "runny nose". It looked back at me, angry at my words!

"Clearly, I'm a girl >:(" It said changing forms into a pretty young girl, about my age. I stood there in awe of her beauty and cuteness.

"I can see this, as the beginning to our beautiful friendship!" I whispered, just as my mom appeared behind us, also staring at the girl in awe.

What did you think? I like it! Anyways, I'm on the hunt for some more accessories for gosh sakes! I am stuck on finding good hair, good shoes, and good accessories! Any help?


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