Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Wishes Meme

So if you guys haven't heard of this blogger meme yet and wanna check out more people who did it I'll leave a link below. And another thing before I begin... This meme is a little complicated so here's a quick explanation!

On SL you know we all know that we have somethings we could change/add to our SL viewer and in our SL lives. Say we could make these wishes become true? Well this meme is all about if you could change these things. What are your three wishes?

Okay, let's get on to my wishes!

         1. I wish I could be more talented/creative with my Second Life - I think every SL blogger wants to design sculpts, or create their own clothing line. Sometimes when I want to wear something that I can't find on sl I wish I could just create it myself. Before I got into blogging I wanted to create a girly shoe, dress, blouse, leggings, and pants store, called Petite Fleur. That dream went down the toilet, pretty quickly, after I figured out I can't make mesh clothes! So I just wish I could be creative and talented like a lot of the people you find on here.

      2. I wish I could meet more people... - If you guys didn't know, I'm really, like REALLY, shy, and I don't get out much. Technically what I do on here is work. And I want to get out more but I want to find people who are like me and aren't the perverts that attempt to pick you up in a club! But I've found, outside of my job, that the women of sl are hard to find >.< Sometimes I think I'm the only woman on here. A side from that I think it would be nice to meet more people!

     3.  I wish my viewer wasn't so SLOOOOOWWWWWWW - I lag a ton, and all in all my my viewer is a piece of SHIT! I couldn't get it to work the other day because it was always crashing! So I think that pretty much explains everything.

That's just a picture I thought was pretty so I added it in ^^

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Love. Hugs. Kisses. Peace!


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  1. I'm so with you on #1! So wish I could create things. Thanks for participating, glad you liked the meme. <3