Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden Tea Party

I love spring, and summer, and the celebrations that goes along with these seasons! What I love most is when you get together all your girlfriends and throw a gorgeous garden party... I designed an outfit after one of these parties and decided to share it with you!

I did some more work with photo editing and want to focus on the picture to the left:
This picture is one of, or is, the best editing jobs I've done! You guys can find all the poses and beautiful clothing, hair, ring, shoes, and skin here:

Hair ~ Magicka - Tomorrow - Find Here
Ring ~ Poptarts ~ Ringy Pop Gatcha {NEW} ~ Find Here
Skin, Shape, and Hands ~ The Sugar Garden ~ Meimei in Xiaxue Tone ~ Find Here
Eyelashes ~ Candy Mountain ~ .Falsies. (Dolly) ~ Find Here
Dress ~ LavandaChic ~ Flower Summer Dress {FOR ACIDLILY GALLERY} ~ Find Here
Shoes ~ MEOW ~ Floral Flats {Rare} ~ (The shop is still under construction)

If you make it down to the acid lily event it is only through June 2! Gogogogo!

Love you guys as always! And I'm sorry for the hiatus or less posting that's going on! As I said in the post before I need a little time to prepare for summer!


Love ya, kisses, buh bye!


The location this was taken at was "The Pixel Pot

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